For Anwyl Construction, ‘sustainability’ is far more than a buzzword to which lip service must be paid. We have long put sustainability at the heart of our business, and believe that it is integral to our commitment to responsible construction within all the communities in which we work.

To this end, every project we undertake is designed to deliver high levels of sustainability, innovation and quality. Whether it is down to the materials we use, the methods we employ or the long-term energy use within each building we construct, this commitment has real, tangible benefits for clients, occupants and communities alike.

The world around us

Fundamental to this thoughtful, sustainable approach is our dedication to reducing each project’s environmental impact. By taking a lean and collaborative approach in everything we do, we strive to meet our company objective of ‘building towards a greener future’.

Anwyl Construction is one of the leading building contractors working across North Wales and the North West of England, and we recognise that our clients require pioneering products and services that not only deliver excellence and innovation in construction, but also address their growing concerns for social value.

Consideration for the community

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility has helped us deliver social value to all communities in which we undertake business and has helped shape our working practices.

  • Careful design management through BREEAM accredited partners
  • Adoption of a lean and collaborative culture
  • Carbon monitoring on all sites
  • Tracking of supplier delivery miles
  • Zero harm environmental policy
  • Water and energy usage control
  • Zero waste to landfill target
  • Regular delivery of awareness training courses to employees, contractors and suppliers

Always improving

We understand the importance of delivering both tangible and non-financial initiatives, having already taken proactive measures over the years to support this. A major part of this commitment is the implementation of building information modelling (BIM).

In line with the government’s agenda, we have developed a process to meet BIM Level 2 requirements and have subsequently delivered training to engage our clients and supply chain as well as our own employees. This includes:

  • Improved efficiency and waste minimisation
  • Forward planning
  • Methodology
  • Excellent communication
  • Deep understanding of customer requirements

Our belief is that the adoption of BIM enables us to be more efficient, increasing productivity by 20%.

A sustainable future

As part of our thoughtful building strategy, we have worked sustainably with many communities over the past 85 years of business throughout North Wales and the North West.

Our future projects will continue to drive corporate social responsibilities, and we will take active steps to develop sustainable solutions, including focused campaigns towards renewable low carbon projects.