No business stands alone, and at Anwyl Construction, we understand that we form just one part of the community in which we live and work. Our head office may be located in Ewloe in Flintshire, but members of our team come from all over North Wales and the North West, and our building projects can also be found right across the region.

A place in the community

As a family firm with a long history of playing a part in the community, we have a firm commitment to the clients who appoint us, the people who occupy our buildings once they are complete, and those who live in the vicinity of each development. We are also aware that this commitment works two ways.

It is important that we go out into the community and speak to people, keeping them up to date with our developments, reaching out to local school children, communicating with local businesses and ensuring that our construction leads to as little inconvenience as possible.

However, it is also essential that we create opportunities for the community to come and work with us. By offering employment, training, and apprenticeships, we strengthen local economies and give communities a firmer foundation on which to grow.