Awards and Accreditations

At Anwyl Construction, our ultimate aim is always to deliver buildings that exceed the expectations of our clients, the building’s occupants and the communities in which we work. Our thoughtful approach is designed to help us achieve this aim on every single project, and we are proud to say that over very many years in the business, our reputation among clients and communities is as a construction firm that delivers on this promise.

Recognition and reward

While the pursuit of awards is never our motivation, we are nevertheless delighted when our industry, our peers, our clients and other bodies recognise the responsible, sustainable and successful way in which we do business. As a construction contractor working across North Wales and the North West, awards have come from both local and national organisations, and all have been gratefully received by our entire team.

While awards can never replace the satisfaction of handing over a building and seeing it come to life as its new occupants move in, they are welcome recognition of the fact that our methods and processes are working successfully.

Proud of our people

We are also proud of the industry accreditations we have received, as these help clients both old and new to see that we are working to the very highest industry standards. As a company committed to efficient, sustainable and responsible construction, these accreditations represent a great deal of hard work on the part of our team.